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Yes! The rumors a true! A Ceviche food truck has come to the Bay Area!

"A local GEM" by walnut Creek Magazine


Ceviche & Co is the first of its kind serving you the freshest in Ecuadorian and Latin recipes. This South American oasis being known for its Amazon Jungle, Galápagos Islands, rare animal life, and exotic vegetation, is now receiving its proper introduction into the world of cuisine.

The dream began with some family recipes and a 1984 Chevy Stepvan. Old you say? The only thing old about this newly retrofitted food truck, is it's recipes, and that's usually a good thing! It is owned and operated by the Moncayo's, an Ecuadorian family that migrated in the 50's and since then has participated largely in the sporting community and prospered in the fields of medicine, real estate, and now, gourmet food trucks! 

Come visit Ceviche & Co and get a taste of what Ecuadorian cuisine has to offer.





East Bay, CA


You tell us, we'll be there!


Looking to host an event? We can help!


Though we can accommodate almost any of your party needs, we like to focus on 2 styles of catering

Introducing curbside fine dining and tapas party!

Curbside fine dining allows us to serve you directly from our food truck window. You may choose any of the items listed on our main menu, or in advanced, request a custom dish or cuisine of your liking (we are always up for a challenge).

Tapas party involves pass out horderves. The food is prepared fresh inside the trucks commercial kitchen and passed around your event by any number of servers. These tapas are individually prepared and priced by the dozen. This style of catering is ideal for cocktail parties, weddings, bridal showers, or almost any social event.

(Priced by the dozen)

for special events & Reservations

Email info@cevicheco.com